Saturday, December 02, 2006

2005 GX470

My 2005 Lexus GX470 has been in the service department at Price LeBlanc Lexus for nearly 40 days during the past year. This includes four trips to the dealership to attemt to repair the same problem, which is the kinetic dynamic suspension system or KDSS. I have driven my GX470 just over 13,000 miles and besides the endless KDSS failure problems, I have also had a power window failure because of misaligned bolts, a broken rear view mirror replaced, and a piece of the roof rack replaced. However, these are minor problems compared to the electronic gremlims associated with the KDSS problem. The attempted repairs have included the replacement of the entire computer system and an acctuator on a shock.

My ownership experience has been substantially worse than I could have ever imagined, especially for the cost of the vehicle. If you are even considering the purchase of a GX470, I recommend that you steer away from Lexus and look into other premium SUVs, even SUVs that supposedly have higher than average problem ratings.